4.5 Rated

Pure Maple Maintenance works to please, and our clients have shown their appreciation of our results.

Safety First

We use the industry standard of paint and equipment to ensure a safe work environment for our staff and for you.

Well Informed

Building Maintenance is our specialty. We know what to recommend for any theme you wish to have.


What we Do


Floor Care


Power Washing


Nick Henton

I am very much impressed by the work they’ve done for my company. There is no other company that matches their quality of work. Thanks Guys.

Rupinder Dhillon

Lots of companies can simply finish the job, but it takes a special one to build your dream and Pure Maple Maintenance is definitely the one that give you full value for your money. We are totally satisfied with their work and would use them for all our future projects.

Murdoch Mysteries

Teamwork is critical to any project and Pure Maple Maintenance has done an exceptional job in creating these beautiful designs. The pressure was put on this team from day one and they heeded the call. We would highly recommend them for your coming project.

Jack Brown

We are more than happy with our experience with Pure Maple Maintenance over the duration of our project. A job well done and it was pleasure working with the team. Please accept my congratulations as a client on the success of our collaboration.

Krysta Do Vale

When it comes to performance, professionalism and commitment you can blindly trust Pure Maple Maintenance to win against all odds. This was a unique project as Pure Maple Maintenance came in as our earlier contractor had left the job midway. Not only did they complete the project, but they exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend them for your upcoming projects.